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Pizza People in Midtown Harrisburg

Knead Broad Street

Serving Hearth Fired Pizza at the Broad Street Market

KNEAD Broad Street MENU


[A little sumptin’ to get it started]


Popeye salad

organic mushroom medley, fresh baby spinach, 

red onions, pine nuts, and parmesan cheese, 

served with basil vinaigrette  $7


[Neo-Neapolitan pizza - serves 1 to 2]

Classic Plain $7 / Gluten Free $11

topped with fresh basil


shredded mozzarella nc

vegan shreds $1.50

Caputo Bros. fresh mozz $2


tomato sauce nc

roasted garlic cream nc

pesto cream $1


anchovies $2

spicy soppressata $3

pepperoni $2

bacon $2

pork sausage $2


marinated artichokes $2

green peppers $1

jalapenos $1

banana peppers $1

red onions $1

Kalamata olives $1

pineapples $1

organic mushroom medley $4

extra flair

calabrian chile spiced hot honey $1

nc = no additional cost


[pizzas we love]


honey badger

spicy soppressata,

hot honey, tomato sauce,

and shredded mozzarella $11


the butcher

pepperoni, pork sausage, bacon,

tomato sauce, and shredded mozzarella $13


spicy Kahuna

bacon, pineapples, jalapenos,

tomato sauce,

and shredded mozzarella $11


funghi town

organic mushroom medley,

roasted garlic cream,

and shredded mozzarella $11


choke artie

artichokes, spinach,

roasted garlic cream,

and shredded mozzarella $10




coke, diet coke, sprite, seltzer, water $1

sparkling san pellegrinos $2



Broad Street Market

Stone Building


1233 North 3rd Street

Harrisburg, PA 17102


Thursday & Friday | 10am – 6pm

Saturday | 10am – 4pm


       3rd Friday of Every Month

10am – 8:30pm